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Your Dedicated Experts

Building a business is hard. Our full-service expert support can help you navigate it with confidence. We’re here to answer you and your employees’ questions so that everyone can focus on doing their best work (and quit searching the internet for answers).

  • Understanding compliance challenges
  • Navigating difficult employee situations
  • Company handbook & policy reviews
  • Overtime compliance management
  • Managing multi-state compliance
  • Employee terminations & final pay
  • Handling wage garnishments & payments
  • Managing complex taxes and more!
Support For Everyone

Expert support for everyone on your team.

Answering complicated or obscure HR questions isn’t your job—it’s ours. You and your employees will have a direct line to a dedicated team of HR experts who will answer any questions that come up.
  • Anyone on your team can reach out with questions
  • We can answer questions specific to your company, like “What’s our company’s PTO policy?”
  • We can also help answer questions specific to each employee, like “How much PTO do I have left?”  
  • We actually care about your team and go out of our way to make sure you succeed
  • Vesta is here to help!
Payroll Support

We’ll help make your payroll painless.

Complex tax laws, compliance, required reporting, wage garnishements, and so much more—there’s a lot to know, but we’re here every step of the way.
We can help with payroll questions like…
  • I live in a different state than our company’s office. How will my taxes be affected?
  • What’s the maximum amount my spouse and I can contribute to our company’s 401(k)?
  • I just received a wage garnishment requirement for an employee. What do I do? Do I need to let them know?
  • Our company has multiple employees who work from home. Are their payroll taxes still based on our office address?
  • Whatever questions you have, we can help!
Benefit Support

Software that makes benefits less confusing.

Benefits are confusing—Acronyms like PPO, ACA, and HSA, restricted dates, and complicated regulations will make your head spin. We’ll help make sense of it all for you and your entire team.
We help with your benefits questions like…
  • If my spouse already has health insurance, can they switch to our company plan?
  • I’m turning 26 soon. Can I switch from my parent’s insurance to our company plan?
  • We just had our first baby. When will I be able to sign up for our company’s dependent care plan?
  • A past employee asked me about COBRA. What is that and what am I required to do?
  • Whatever comes up, we’re here for you!
Compliance Support

Compliance support to keep you protected.

There are lots of regulations with running a business. Many, if not done correctly or at all, can rack up expensive penalties. We’ll help you comply with local, state, and federal regulations so that you can grow your business with confidence.
We can help with compliance questions like…
  • We’re opening a new office in another state. What do we need to know? Do we need to file taxes in both states now?
  • I need to terminate an employee. What’s the best way to handle it? When should I give them their final paycheck?
  • We’ve always had salaried employees, but I want to bring on a contractor. What do I do? What are the tax implications?
  • We’re excited to have a new mother on our team. How should we support her? How should we update the office for her?
  • We’re here to help your team succeed!
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