November 17, 2020

What’s a 1099-NEC?

What’s a 1099-NEC?

If you’re paying self-employed independent contractors, you need to report payments to the IRS with Form 1099-NEC (this switched from 1099-MISC in 2020). However you only need to do this if you paid them more than $600, their business entity isn’t a C corp or S corp, and you didn’t pay them with a credit card.

You’ll need to send a copy to the independent contract, the IRS and most likely your state. If you’re using a payroll platform, the 1099-NEC will probably be automatically generated by the system and may even be submitted to the IRS and state for you.

Also, for independent contractors who you need to file a 1099-NEC, you need to make sure you get them to fill out a Form W-9 when they start their work so you know how to fill out their 1099-NEC.

The 1099-NEC lets you tell the government how much you paid any non-employee contractors so that they can report the earnings in their taxes.

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