Employee Benefits

Benefits to help your employees feel valued. Health, dental, vision, 401k, life, and more.

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Complete Coverage For Your Team

Offer high-quality health insurance and benefits to your hard-working team. Our expert support will make it painless to setup and our easy, friendly platform will make it a breeze to manage.

  • Health Insurance
  • Flexible Savings Accounts
  • Disability Insurance
  • Auto Syncs With Payroll
  • Vision and Dental Insurance
  • Health Spending Accounts
  • Commuter Benefits
  • Easy Open Enrollment
  • 401(k) & other savings
  • Life Insurance
  • E-sign Benefits Docs
  • Custom Perks and more!
Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance

Offer your employees quality health coverage. Bring your own plan or use ours.

The world of benefits, plans, and carriers can feel overwhelming—we’ll help make it surprisingly easy. Bring your existing plans and switch with no interuption in coverage or we can help you setup new benefits for your employees.
Financial & Savings Benefits

Help your employees plan for the expected & unexpected

Helping your team save for the future is important. We can help you navigate savings options for retirement, disability, and health. Easily offer your team options for 401(k) retirement, life and disability insurance, health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, workers’ compensation, commuter benefits, and more.
One Seamless Experience

Simple & friendly experience for your employees.

Nowadays, everyone expects easy-to-use, on-demand software. Vesta's single platform creates a simple and seamless experience for your team. Anywhere, anytime.
  • Single, easy-to-use platform
  • Employees enroll and manage their own benefits
  • Seamless integration with payroll
  • Access anywhere and anytime
  • Fast and friendly employee onboarding

When your employees have questions, have them ask us!

Let us handle the hard (and easy) questions so you feel confident that your team is getting their questions answered quickly and correctly. Quit trying to search the internet for answers—we already have them.
We help with questions from everyone on your team, like…
  • What’s the difference between a PPO and HMO?
  • If my spouse already has insurance, can she switch to mine?
  • What’s the max my spouse and I can contribute to our 401(k)?
  • We’ll be the first contact for all of your team’s questions!

We'll Make Benefits Painless

Help your employees feel valued for their hard work by offering competitive benefits and perks. We’ll make getting up and running with high-quality healthcare and benefits painless.

Certified expert support

We take care of everything. You’ll have a team of experts to help you through moving, creating, and managing your employee benefits.

Access anywhere, anytime

Since everything is hosted securely in the cloud, your team can enroll and manage their benefits from anywhere and at anytime.

Seamless & easy platform

Our easy and friendly platform ensures everything stays in sync with a single database. No need to manually enter and re-enter data.

Easy to switch & start

It’s surprisingly easy to switch and get started. We’ll handle everything so it’s painless and you don’t have any interruptions in your coverage.

No paperwork required

Documents can be securely viewed, stored, and e-signed without a single sheet of paper. No need to print, sign, scan, and store tons of paperwork.

Stay compliant

We’ll help you stay on top of the federal, state, and local regulations and mandates. From ACA to COBRA to computing and filing taxes.
Superior HR Software + Remarkable Support

You focus on what matters. We'll focus on your HR.

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